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23 jan
Routes Americas 2019 touches down in Québec City

17 dec
Pass(e)port - Puerto Vallarta
Under the Puerto Vallarta Sun

Conveniently located between mountains covered in lush forests and the emerald waters of Banderas Bay, Puerto Vallarta is one of Mexico’s most coveted destinations. Ecotourism, gastronomy, aquatic sports and culture—the region delivers unforgettable moments to visitors of all ages.

26 jul
7 Québec City's Restaurants to discover
Places to discover in Québec City during your stay Nina pizza napolitaine Crédit photo : André-Olivier Lyra

Nina worked its magic on us within seconds. That dough! That cheese!

26 jul
Pass(e)port - Chicago
Crédit photo : City of Chicago Chicago getaway

Chicago has been busy reinventing itself over the past two decades.

09 jul
Charlevoix : An Escape Between the River and Mountains

In need of fresh air this weekend? Wander the roads of Charlevoix, with the river on one side and mountains on the other, and treat yourself to an entertaining stay with culture and good food.

06 jul
Time for Festival d’été de Québec !

Québec City is brimming with summer festivals of all kinds; there’s something for everyone! The Festival d’été de Québec (FEQ), for example, requires a few essentials if you want to take full advantage of your experience. Here are five of them!

1. Biolite Phone Charger

03 jul
Québec City : Trendy Destination from the Start
Tourists on a winter stroll in Québec City in 1951 - Photo credit : J.W. Michaud. Bibliothèque et archives nationales du Québec (BANQ), E6, S7, SS1, P82978. Domaine public

Did you know Québec City has been a sought-after destination for several centuries?

27 jun
I heart - Calgary

Getting to know a country as big as Canada is a must for any bucket list. To help get your sea‑to‑shining-sea adventure underway, look no further than a nonstop flight to Calgary, available from YQB starting June 29.

WestJet will be serving this new destination several times a week all summer long until October 2018. And to make sure your stay is just right, we’re serving up a few of our favourite Calgary hotspots for you to discover. Grab your cowboy hat and take to the skies. Yee-haw!

22 apr
Sustainable development at the heart of the YQB 2018 project

13 apr
What role did new technologies play in the success of the YQB 2018 communications strategy?