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August 2022

Our Pro Tips: 5 Ways to Enjoy Your Wait at YQB
15 aug
We want to help you be prepared and leave with peace of mind, so we’ve put together a list of pro tips to make your wait at the airport more enjoyable. Psst! Don’t forget the best tip of all: arrive 2–3 hours before your flight.
Meet Chantal Lévesque, Duty Manager
03 aug
YQB is an unusual and dynamic workplace, and we wouldn’t be able to run our operations so efficiently without the people who work tirelessly for us. Today, we’re shining a spotlight on the heroes who work behind the scenes but are always on the alert and ready to act: our duty managers (DM). Through this portrait of the inspiring Chantal Lévesque, a duty manager since June 2015, you’ll learn about this unique job, which is essential to keep airport operations running smoothly.