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Terms of Use of

Website introduction and purpose (hereinafter the “Website”) is a website managed by Aéroport de Québec Inc. (hereinafter “AQi”), a non-profit organization responsible for managing Québec City Jean Lesage International Airport (hereinafter “YQB”). Its mission is to offer quality, efficient, and secure services and infrastructure capable of sustaining growth in air traffic to consolidate its role as a major socioeconomic force in the greater Québec City area.

The Website is intended to:

  • Present the products and services available at YQB;
  • Allow customers to reserve and pay (or prepay) for products and services;
  • Provide information on flight arrivals and departures;
  • Inform visitors of news about YQB;
  • Share information and statistics about YQB’s management, results, and administrators;
  • Share business opportunities;
  • Provide ways to contact YQB;
  • Display job opportunities;
  • Guide users towards business partners’ and third parties’ websites and social media pages;
  • Provide any other information that may be relevant to passengers, companions, investors, and the media.

Before using the Website, please read these terms of use (hereinafter the “TOU”) carefully. They contain important information about your rights and obligations as a user.

By using the Website, you are agreeing to enter into a contract with AQi based on the TOU (the “Contract”). You acknowledge that you have read and understood the TOU and that you are legally and contractually bound by them as a user.

The TOU are subject to change by AQi without notice.

By continuing to use the Website, you accept any changes that may be made to the TOU.

Users of the Website are bound by the TOU by virtue of using the Website.

If you do not accept these TOU, please do not use the Website.


AQi aims to keep the Website up to date but does not guarantee that the information therein is accurate, reliable, or up to date.

AQi is not responsible for any Website content that is not created by it, nor is it responsible for the content of other websites, digital tools, or social media that may link to the Website. Any opinions expressed are not necessarily those of AQi.

AQi shall not be held liable in any way for any damage (direct or indirect) resulting from use of the Website.

Your content

AQi may authorize, at its sole discretion, the downloading and publishing of comments, statements, photos, text, or other content (“Your content,” collectively) through the Website. By submitting Your content, you grant AQi a perpetual, non-exclusive, irrevocable, transferrable, and royalty-free right and license to copy, modify, display, or otherwise use Your content.

You represent and warrant to AQi that: (a) you are the owner of Your content or you have written permission from the copyright holder to make Your content available on the Website; (b) Your content is accurate and truthful; (c) you have the right to grant the aforementioned rights to AQi; and (d) the reproduction, display, distribution, and use of Your content in any way by AQi and our service providers, members, users, and licensees as permitted by the aforementioned rights do not violate any laws or the rights of any third party.

AQi may delete or refuse to display any content that it deems inappropriate due to its vulgar, offensive, defamatory, obscene, hateful, or otherwise illegal or reprehensible nature.

AQi’s content

You acknowledge that AQi is the owner: (a) of the Website and all content provided therein, including but not limited to all text, photos, videos, models, plans, maps, images, icons, software, designs, illustrations, graphics, apps, and data, and that it holds all copyrights to that content; (b) of all tools, hardware, and software used to provide the Website; and (c) of the graphic design, user interface, appearance, and user-friendliness of the Website.

You may download and print pages from the Website, provided that you do not alter the pages or modify or remove any identification, markings, notices, or liability waivers, whether visible or invisible. Furthermore, you may not copy, imitate, reproduce, republish, download, display, send, modify, index, replicate, or distribute the Website or its content in whole or in part, in any way whatsoever, without the prior written consent of AQi.

The opinions, comments, and other information displayed on the Website are intended for information purposes only, without any implicit or explicit guarantees. The existence of this information does not relieve users of their responsibility to check its completeness, accuracy, and veracity.

Other content

AQi does not approve all content on the Website; some content may contain viruses or incorrect or inaccurate information (particularly regarding the price and availability of products and services, flight schedules, boarding gates, and flight durations), as well as errors and omissions regarding third-party promotions and advertisements. AQi shall not be held liable for content generated by other users of the Website or by third-party sites and applications.


The trademarks, logos, and slogans displayed on the Website are the property of AQi or third parties (including airlines and merchants at YQB). You may not use or reproduce them without the prior written consent of AQi or the relevant third party.


AQi may modify the Website and its content without notice at any time.

Links from the Website

The Website may allow you to access or log in to third-party apps, services, or websites that are not owned or controlled by AQi (hereinafter “third-party applications”). We provide these links solely for your convenience, and you access them at your own risk. The representations made in these third-party applications are not endorsed or provided by AQi. All third-party applications are subject to their third-party providers’ terms of use. AQi cannot control and shall not be held liable for any problems related to communications or transactions with these third parties or for any third-party content, syndicated content, apps, services, sites, advertisements, links, privacy policies, and/or practices of the third parties that you may access from the Website. You are responsible for reading the privacy policies and terms of use for any third-party apps before downloading and using them.

In some cases, the Website may allow you to access or log in to apps, sites, or services operated by AQi, for instance when you are redirected to the airport’s parking prepayment system. These apps, sites, and services are subject to their own terms of use. You are responsible for reading them before using the apps, sites, or services in question.

Links to AQi content

You must receive express permission from AQi to display links to Website content or pages on your website or a third-party application. You may request this permission through our contact form. AQi may, at any time and at its sole discretion, negate or remove any permission it has given to link to the Website without notice or liability.


You will need to create a user account to access certain tools on the Website (such as the tool to prepay for parking). You may create this account directly in the tool, provided you comply with its terms and conditions.

User accounts are created for your personal use of the tool in question. You may not have more than one (1) active user account. You agree to provide complete, accurate, and up-to-date information when creating your account and to update the information in order to keep it accurate, complete, and relevant.

AQi reserves the right to suspend or cancel your user account and access to the tool if you create more than one (1) account or if any information provided during or after account creation is inaccurate, fraudulent, obsolete, or incomplete.

You are responsible for protecting your password. Furthermore, you are solely responsible for all activity on your account, whether you authorized it or not. If you become aware or reasonably suspect unauthorized access to your account, including through the theft, loss, disclosure, or unauthorized use of your password, you must inform us immediately.

AQi’s policies and regulations

When you access or use the Website, you must follow: (a) all of AQi’s terms of use and other policies relating to the Website; and (b) all applicable laws.

Your privacy

AQi’s Privacy Policy applies to all personal information collected, used, and transmitted through the Website.

AQi may disclose your personal information if required to do so by law or if it believes, in good faith, that doing so is necessary to: (a) obey a law or cooperate with a legal procedure; (b) protect and defend AQi’s rights or property; or (c) take urgent action to protect the personal safety of Website users or the general public.

The personally identifiable information collected by AQi is logged and processed in Canada.

We use your IP address to diagnose problems with our server, administer the Website, and investigate potentially illegal or fraudulent use of our server.

Pages on the Website may contain web beacons, also known as “single-pixel GIFs” or “pixel tags,” that allow our retail partners to calculate the number of visitors to a page. Web beacons are not used to access personally identifiable information. They are simply a way of compiling usage statistics for the Website. Web beacons only collect a limited amount of information: a cookie number, the date and time a page was accessed, and a description of the page on which the web beacon appears. We also collect data with the Google Analytics 4 and Microsoft Clarity tools in order to reuse it with Google Ads, an advertising creation and management tool, to create campaigns that target Internet users who have visited the website or a specific page of the site.

When advertising is placed on Bing Ads, Google Ads and Facebook Ads, conversions on our website are tracked via a cookie. Placements made on are tracked with a pixel to measure the performance of advertising actions leading to Drupal, the website's content management system, keeps track of visitors returning to

This data may be used by tools provided by companies like Google and Facebook to target you and other Internet users with similar behaviours in digital advertising campaigns.

When Internet users give their consent in the forms provided for this purpose, they are enrolled in the newsletter program.

Laws and jurisdiction

Use of the Website is governed by the laws and courts of the province of Québec and the applicable Canadian laws.

Any disputes or disagreements between you and AQi, or any other party, that have to do with the Website or related matters will be resolved before the courts of Québec in Québec City. You recognize and irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of these courts for any such dispute or disagreement.

Translation and language

The French version of the Website shall take precedence over any other translation of the TOU.

Prohibited behaviour

You may not:

  • Disassemble, decompile, reverse engineer, or otherwise deconstruct the Website in order to access its source code;
  • Copy the Website, in whole or in part; use the Website for commercial purposes; or lend, lease, rent, sell, publish, license, sublicense, distribute, attribute, or transmit all or part of the Website to any other party;
  • Upload or send to the Website any content, links, or other elements that may, if reproduced, published, sent, or used:
    • Be defamatory, threatening, abusive, harassing, hateful, obscene, pornographic, or threaten or harm the private life of any person;
    • Break any laws, including copyright and privacy laws;
    • Impersonate any person or entity or otherwise misrepresent the identity of the author;
    • Result in civil or other liability;
    • Relate to illegal drugs, weapons, gambling, or other illegal activities;
    • Upload or send to the Website any files, data, software, or links that contain or direct to a virus, Trojan horse, or other harmful elements.
  • Use the Website to do, or attempt to do, any of the following without prior permission from AQi:
    • Send unsolicited emails, such as spam or other mass mailings;
    • Obtain unauthorized access to any data, networks, or systems;
    • Perform or promote any commercial activity;
    • Monitor the data or traffic on any network or system;
    • Obtain the email address, username, or other information belonging to a third party without their consent;
    • Use false or misleading TCP/IP headers in any email or display;
    • Initiate or lead a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack against the networks or websites belonging to AQi or a third party.
  • Make false complaints or reports through the Website;
  • Falsify any data or information on the Website;
  • Delete or modify any copyright or other intellectual property notices on the Website;
  • Avoid, circumvent, or deactivate any secure technological access system, security system, procedure, protocol, or technological protection method that may be included in or part of the Website, any hardware/software used to provide the Website, or any hardware/software or services belonging to third parties;
  • Authorize or encourage third parties to do any of the above.

Liability, limitation of liability, and indemnity

Interruptions and errors

Your use of the Website may be partially or fully interrupted or terminated at AQi’s sole discretion. At any given time, the Website and its content may contain errors and omissions or inaccurate, incomplete, or outdated information. We will attempt to correct any errors as soon as possible and make reasonable efforts to inform any users who may be affected. This may mean that incomplete reservations may be cancelled. Furthermore, the Website may occasionally be unavailable due to scheduled maintenance, updates, hardware or software crashes, repairs, power outages, hacks, DDoS attacks, unanticipated surges in use, or any other reason.

Exclusion/limitation of liability and indemnity

You are using the Website at your own risk. The Website is provided on an “as-is” and “as-available” basis, without any implicit or explicit claim or guarantee of any kind, including, without limitation, implicit claims or guarantees about accuracy, accessibility, availability, completeness, durability, errors, suitability for a given purpose, absence of negligence, merchantability, performance, protection of personal information, quality, results, security, service, timeliness, title of ownership, or lack of viruses. These guarantees are therefore waived by you and AQi to the maximum extent permitted by law. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing or any provision in these TOU, AQi shall not be held liable for any total or partial errors, inaccuracies, and/or unavailability of any price, advertising content, promotional offer, schedule or other flight information, waiting time, travel time, or any product and/or service offered at or associated with the airport (including airport parking and its prepayment system) that is associated with the Website.

Liability disclaimer

Without limiting the generality of the foregoing and notwithstanding any other provision of this contract between AQi and you, AQi and its administrators, directors, employees, agents, service providers, or anyone else for whom AQi is legally responsible (hereinafter “AQi parties,” collectively) shall not be held liable towards you or any other party for any indirect, incidental, special, or punitive damages or losses resulting from or related to the Website or the Contract. This includes the anticipated or unanticipated loss of data, business, markets, savings, revenue, profits, use, production, reputation, or goodwill, as well as any economic loss, under any theory of liability (whether it be contractual, extra-contractual, strict, or defined by any other law, theory, or equity), even if AQi has been informed of the potential for such loss or damage to occur.


You agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the AQi parties from and against any and all liability, fees, and costs, including attorney fees and reasonable legal expenses, arising from any claim, action, or proceeding associated with your violation of the Contract, the inaccuracy of any of your claims or guarantees, or any wrongdoing by you or any person for whom you are responsible under the Contract or by law. You agree to cooperate as fully as reasonably required by AQi in the defense of any claim, action, or proceeding.


AQi may, at its sole discretion, change, delete, modify, restrict, suspend, or close the Website or any part thereof without notice or liability towards you or any other party. AQi may also, at its sole discretion and for its own convenience, terminate the Contract or withdraw your permission to access and use the Website without prior notice or liability towards you or any other party.

If the Contract is terminated or your permission to access or use all or part of the Website is withdrawn for any reason whatsoever, the Contract and all other agreements between you and AQi shall continue to apply and you shall be bound to them. The sections of this contract entitled “Content,” “Liability, limitation of liability, and indemnity,” and “Laws and jurisdiction,” as well as any other provisions needed to interpret and apply those sections, shall survive termination of the Contract and remain fully effective indefinitely.


Should any provision of the Contract be found invalid or unenforceable for any reason, that provision shall be considered separate from the Contract. The remaining provisions shall continue to be valid, unaltered, and in full force and effect.

You agree that the Contract constitutes a whole, entire, and exclusive agreement between you and AQi regarding the Website. It terminates and replaces any prior agreements and contracts, made verbally or in writing, regarding the subject of the Contract. You may also need to comply with further conditions that may apply following the purchase or use of certain products or services associated with the Website or third-party content or software.

The Contract and its contents shall benefit and bind all of AQi’s successors and assigns, as well as your heirs, executors, administrators, successors, and authorized assigns.

You cannot assign the Contract or any of the resulting rights and obligations. AQi may assign the Contract and the resulting rights and obligations without your consent. This contract contains provisions that benefit AQi parties, all of which have the right to claim and execute those provisions directly and on their own behalf.

Should either party fail to take action regarding the other party’s, or other people’s, breach of the Contract, that failure shall not be considered a waiver of their right to take action regarding that breach or similar, future, or other breaches. Waivers of such rights must be express, written, and duly signed by both parties in order to be considered valid and enforceable.




The service and the transaction platform are only accessible to users who have the legal ability to enter into binding contracts under the applicable laws. By using the service or the transaction platform, you declare and guarantee that you are 16 years of age or older and that you are fully capable of accepting and complying with the general conditions of these terms of use.

Availability and prices

Reservations are provided on a first-come, first-served basis and are subject to availability. Your card shall be debited as soon as you submit your prepayment or your online reservation. If your trip extends beyond the date and times of your transaction, you will be charged for the additional hours or days that were not paid for during the online transaction. If your trip is shorter than the prepaid duration, NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN for the unused portion of the transaction. Furthermore, once you have prepaid for parking or purchased a V.I.P Lounge by Club Med access online, the rate is set. For that reason, the online transaction cannot be combined with any other coupons, special offers, or other promotions when you use the service.

Cancellation, change, and refund policy

No refunds shall be given for unused and uncancelled service, as stated in these terms of use. If you wish to change or cancel your parking prepayment or V.I.P Lounge by Club Med access purchase, you must use your username and password to sign in to the transaction platform at least 2 hours before the date and time of your prepayment. You can also access transactions by using the email address and the transaction ID in your confirmation email. If you cancel your parking prepayment or V.I.P Lounge by Club Med access at least 2 hours before the date and time of your prepayment, your purchase will be reimbursed in full to the card used to make the transaction. If the transaction was made by your travel agent, please contact him/her to make a change or cancellation within the same minimum period. If your trip is shorter than the reserved duration, NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN for the unused portion of your reservation.

More questions about prepaying for parking or buying access to the V.I.P Lounge by Club Med?

Check out the frequently asked questions about our car parks or the V.I.P Lounge by Club Med.

Server logs

The transaction platform is operated by a third party, Chauntry Parkspace Web Services (“Chauntry”). When you register and create an account on the AQi transaction platform, Chauntry collects and stores your information, such as your street address, email address, credit card number, cardholder name, credit card expiration date, first and last name, cell phone number, and license plate number. If you make an online transaction as a guest, the same information is stored, except for your credit card number. AQi does not have direct access to your credit card information.

Like most online servers, our servers may collect and store any information sent by your browser when it requests a webpage, including:

  • The name, domain, and digital address of the “host” computer (generally a computer belonging to your Internet service provider, not your personal computer) through which you are accessing the Internet;
  • The date and time you accessed the Website;
  • The address of the webpage from which you came;
  • The page you requested and the amount of data sent to your computer; and
  • The information that your browser sends us, which generally identifies the browser software, but may also identify your computer’s operating system and CPU type.

Individual users cannot be identified from this information. We create summary reports, or logs, from this information. These logs are analyzed regularly to evaluate use of the Website over time and carry out studies to improve the organization, performance, and usefulness of the Website. The raw data used to create these logs is regularly erased as part of routine system maintenance.


When you send AQi personally identifiable information by email, AQi will use that information to respond to your request. AQi may share your email with other AQi employees or contractors who are better able to respond to your request. The email itself may also be stored.

Automated license plate recognition system

AQi uses automated license plate recognition (ALPR) systems, which scan, digitize, store, and create automatic reports on vehicles’ license plates.