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Accessibility at YQB

We are dedicated to making our airport accessible. Québec City Jean Lesage International Airport is doing everything possible to make your life easier and create a pleasant travel experience while complying with the Accessible Transportation for Persons with Disabilities Regulations

Download the PDF version of the YQB Accessibility plan : YQB Accessibility plan

Download the PDF version of the YQB Retroaction procedure : YQB Retroaction procedure

Download the PDF version of the YQB Progress Report of May, 2024 : YQB Progress Report 05-2024

Need help? Feel free to get in touch.
Phone: 418-640-2700
Toll-free: 1-877-769-2700
To make a relay service call (telecommunications device for the deaf - TTY): 711
Request information by email: click here.
Request a video chat: click here.
Service assistance reservation request (STAPH): click here.

Québec Jean Lesage International Airport is subject to the following provisions of the Regulation respecting transportation accessible to persons with disabilities:

Communication of Information to Persons with Disabilities

  • Article 4 – General information – alternative formats
  • Article 5 – Information to be published
  • Article 6 – Communication
  • Article 7 – Telephone system
  • Article 8 – Website
  • Article 9 – Website – requirements  
  • Article 10 – Public announcements inside terminals
  • Article 11 – Automated self-service kiosks
  • Article 12 – Temporary application
  • Article 13 – Assistance with use of self-service kiosks
  • Article 14 – Accessible self-service kiosks

Personnel Training for the Assistance of Persons with Disabilities

  • Article 15 – Application
  • Article 16 – Interaction with public, etc.
  • Article 17 – Physical assistance
  • Article 18 – Handling mobility aids
  • Article 19 – Using or assisting with special equipment
  • Article 20 – Initial training – timeline
  • Article 21 – Refresher training
  • Article 22 – Duty to inform personnel
  • Article 23 – Preparation of training programs

Requirements applicable to terminal operators

Exigences – Service Requirements

  • Article 212 – Application
  • Article 213 – Non-application – certain terminals
  • Article 214 – Prohibition – no charge for required services
  • Article 215 – Communication of information
  • Article 216 – Assistance for persons with disabilities
  • Article 217 – Service provider for ground transportation

Technical Requirements

  • Article 218 – Application
  • Article 219 – Non-application – certain areas or facilities
  • Article 220 – Pre-existing terminals
  • Article 221 – Duty of terminal operator
  • Article 222 – Terminal – requirements
  • Article 223 – Lift, ramp or stairs -  requirements
  • Article 225 – Wheelchairs
  • Article 226 – Seats
  • Article 227 – Designated relief area
  • Article 229 – Obstruction due to repairs or maintenance
  • Article 230 – Non-accessible path of travel
  • Article 231 – Maintenance


Planning your trip

When you book your trip, make sure to inform your airline if you’ll need help during your flight, carrying special equipment, or moving through the terminal. For more information on airlines that serve YQB, consult the Airlines section.

Transportation to and from YQB

Assistance service

An assistance service is available upon request and offered in collaboration with Québec City Jean Lesage International Airport and the airlines. You can now make a reservation for an assistance service by clicking on the following link: Assistance service reservation request (STAPH). Upon booking, detailed instructions will be shared directly with you.

To get assistance throughout the entire process, you must also notify the airline.

This service includes:

  • Upon departure:
    • Assistance at the curbside zone, which is the designated area for disembarking or boarding passengers with disabilities. It is located near the sliding doors in the center of the terminal.
    • Assists in moving from the drop-off area to the check in counters, including luggage.
    • The airline is responsible for providing assistance for the remaining steps of the journey.
  • Upon arrival
    • The airline is responsible for providing assistance upon arrival to the meeting point for the assistance service, which is the designated area inside the terminal opposite the oversized baggage drop-off.
    • Assistance from the meeting point for the assistance service to the drop-off area or to another means of transportation, including luggage.

YQB has around 20 spaces reserved for people with accessible parking permits. These spaces are located near ramps and elevators, terminal entrances, and each of the airport’s buildings. 
A heated walkway on level 2 of the parkade connects the parking area to the terminal.
Note that the clearance height of the parkade is 2.3 metres on the ground floor and 2.1 metres on each level.
For more information on our parking lots, consult the Parking section.

Vehicle rental
Vehicle rental companies offer a limited number of vehicles with hand controls. We encourage you to reserve your car at least 72 hours in advance. 

Several companies offer paratransit to and from YQB. For more information, visit the Adapted Transportation section.

Other modes of transport 
Québec City Jean Lesage International Airport is served by public transit. Buses run to and from downtown, as well as many other locations in the city.
For more information, visit the Taxis, Uber and Public Transportation section.

At the airport

Québec City Jean Lesage International Airport’s terminal meets current universal accessibility codes and standards. The terminal is designed to facilitate access for people with reduced mobility, motor disabilities, and hearing and visual impairments.

People with reduced mobility and motor disabilities

  • Flight information displays are placed at an angle for easy viewing
  • Tables have movable chairs without armrests
  • Clearly identified accessible seating throughout the boarding areas
  • Automatic doors at the terminal and parking lot entrances
  • Access ramps on sidewalks near buildings
  • Elevators with Braille buttons provide access to all levels
  • Wheelchairs available in the check-in area.

People with hearing impairments

  • Signage uses clear and universal language
  • Audible and visible fire alarms are installed throughout the terminal, including bathrooms

People with visual impairments

  • High-contrast non-reflective signage
  • Mats indicating proximity to a boarding gate
  • Voice broadcast system for audio announcements; the volume is automatically adjusted to the ambient noise level to facilitate comprehension and improve clarity

Curbside zone
The curbside zone for disembarking or boarding passengers with disabilities is located near the sliding doors in the center of the terminal.

The meeting point for the assistance service
The meeting point for the assistance service is inside the terminal opposite the oversized baggage drop-off.

Map to Curbside zone and meeting point for the assistance service

Accessible washrooms
All washrooms and family washrooms at YQB have been designed and equipped for wheelchair access. These washrooms have Braille signage.

Pay phones 
Québec City Jean Lesage International Airport has TTY pay phones in the public domestic arrivals area and in front of the check-in counters. All pay phones in the terminal have volume control and are installed 138 cm (54 inches) above the ground for wheelchair access.

Service animals
Service animals are allowed inside Quebec City Jean-Lesage International Airport. An outdoor relief area is located near the exit of the domestic arrivals area. An indoor relief area is also available for service animals and is located after the screening checkpoint near boarding gate 29 (See Terminal map).
Please contact your airline for information about travelling with your service animal.

The Scotiabank ATMs are wheelchair accessible and meet CSA accessibility standards. 

At the security checkpoint
Visit the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) website to learn which procedures to follow and prepare yourself for passing through the security checkpoint.

Additional resources

  • To submit a comment or complaint about our services anonymously, please use our online form by clicking here. All comments and complaints received are analyzed by our teams and corrective measures are applied when necessary.
  • Canadian Transportation Agency guide: