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October 2019

Worry-Free Layovers
25 oct

Passagers dans l'aérogare

Have to stop somewhere and change planes on your next trip? Don’t panic, layovers usually go off without a hitch, as long as you follow the 60-120 rule: a layover should be at least 60 minutes for a domestic flight and 120 minutes for an international flight. But since departure and arrival times are far from an exact science, here are a few tips to reduce layover-related stress.

Frequent Flyer: Arnaud Marchand
24 oct

Foodie Destinations 

Arnaud Marchand
Arnaud Marchand

Despite his busy schedule, Arnaud Marchand, father of three young boys, chef and co-owner of Chez Boulay, and co-founder of the VériTable food processing plant, never stops travelling. He mainly takes to the skies for work, but also to take a break and relax in France, near his family.