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Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA)

Services frontaliers

The Canada Border Services Agency is responsible for securing Canada's borders by ensuring that the country's laws on customs, immigration and agriculture are respected. When you arrive, you must follow the four steps of the customs clearance procedure:

  1. Fill out a declaration card by providing the required information about your trip, and what you're bringing back into the country.
  2. First inspection: a border services agent will examine your declaration card, your ID and other travel documents.
  3. Removal of baggage: You'll go through a second checkpoint to pay your fees and taxes and wait to pick up your baggage. You will also need to show your declaration card to a service agent.
  4. Leave the CBSA checkpoint.

For details on the procedure to follow upon arrival by plane, as well as personal exemption limits and foreseeable wait times, please refer to Canada Border Services Agency.