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From your Arrival to Boarding : 6 Steps to Follow at the Airport

17 nov

Eager to go on an adventure, but a little worried about what to do before takeoff? We’ve created a guide for you to follow from the moment you arrive at YQB until you board your plane. It’s quick and easy. You’ll see!

1. Arrive at the airport

By cab, public transit, or with a friend or family member    

Auto devant l'aérogare

Whether you’re being dropped off or taking a cab, a limo, a Réseau de transport de la Capitale (RTC) bus, or an Uber, you’ll be arriving on rue Principale in front of the terminal. The spaces in front of the terminal are reserved for passenger drop-off. From there, you can enter the terminal from any of the doors on the ground floor.  

For security reasons, vehicles cannot be parked or left unattended in the drop-off area. Unauthorized parking in front of the terminal may result in a ticket. If your companion wants to follow you into the terminal, they will need to park in the Short-Term parking.   


Once inside, you can follow the directions to your airline’s check-in counters or head right to the CATSA security checkpoint if you checked in online and have no baggage to check. 

With your own vehicle 


If you park your vehicle in our outdoor lot or parking garage, follow the signs to the terminal entrance. The parking garage is connected to the terminal building by a walkway on level 2. The outdoor parking lot has a pedestrian walkway to the terminal that runs through level 1 of the garage.  

Once inside, you can follow the directions to the check-in counters on the ground floor or head right to the CATSA security checkpoint if you checked in online and have no baggage to check. 

For more information on our parking areas and rates, please visit our Parking page. 

2. Check in

Bornes d'enregistement

The check-in area has several self-service kiosks. You can use them to check in to flights for most airlines operating out of YQB: Air Canada, Air France, Air Transat, American Airlines, Sunwing, United Airlines, and WestJet. You can also print your boarding pass, choose your seats (or confirm the ones you chose when checking in online), and print your bag tags if needed. At this stage, you’ll need your passport and booking number. The kiosks are very easy to use and save you time!

3. Drop off your bags 

Dépôt à bagages

If you don’t have any checked baggage, you can go on to the next step.  

Different airlines have different size and weight limits for carry-on baggage. However, most airlines have stands near the check-in counters where passengers can test their carry-on bags to make sure they’re within the size limits. There are also scales throughout the check-in area so you can weigh your bags before going to the counter.  

Please be aware that there are check-in deadlines to ensure flights leave on time. Airlines close their counters at least one hour before departure. 

When you get to the counter, an airline agent will help you check your bags. If you didn’t go through a self-service kiosk, you’ll need your ID and boarding pass. If you already have your baggage tag, simply place your bag on the conveyor belt and make sure the tag is attached to your bag and accessible to the agent. After that, the agent will scan your tag and make sure your bag is within the weight and size limits. And that’s it! Your bag will be headed to the luggage room and then to your plane. 

Check with CATSA and your airline to find out what you can and cannot bring in your checked baggage. 

4. Go through the CATSA security checkpoint

Point de contrôle

Once you’ve checked in, you will need to head upstairs to the security checkpoint. Make sure you have your boarding pass ready, as an agent will scan it. Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) officers will screen your personal items and carry-on baggage. They will also conduct a security check using the walk-through metal detector. You may be subject to additional searches. Once the process is complete, you can collect your belongings and continue on your way.   

The approximate wait time is shown on our homepage and on the screen above the stairs to the security checkpoint. 

Check with CATSA to find out what you can and cannot bring in your personal and carry-on bags

5. Enjoy your time before you board

Salon V.I.P

Once you pass the checkpoint, the fun begins! Locate your gate on your boarding pass or one of the screens displaying flight schedules in the terminal, then relax. Québec City Jean Lesage International Airport offers a number of different services to help you enjoy your wait. You can relax in the V.I.P Lounge by Club Med, use our massage chairs, discover our restaurants, visit the Carnaval de Québec exhibit, shop in one of our boutiques, enjoy our free Wi-Fi, and more. Read our Pro Tips blog post to learn more about the services we offer. 

6. Board your flight   

Your scheduled boarding time is indicated on your boarding pass. Make sure you get to your gate by then. 

Your airline’s team will start the boarding process shortly before takeoff. Pay attention to the information they announce. You will need your boarding pass and ID when you get to the boarding counter. Then it’s time to leave!  

Bon voyage!