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10 Things to Know When Flying With Children

21 feb

Planning a family vacation soon? As you well know, travelling with children takes quite a bit of organization. That’s why we’ve put together a guide with our best tips for getting ready to fly with your little ones.

1. Learn about packing for kids under 2 

Plane games, pool toys, snacks, and more… We get it, there’s lots to think about when you’re packing for you and your kids. A good thing to know, though, is that if you’re flying with a child under the age of 2 (0–24 months), you’re allowed to bring baby food, formula, medicine, milk, water, and juice on the plane. They are exempt from the restrictions on liquids, aerosols, and gels, but you’ll need to give them to a screening officer for a separate inspection. You can also bring ice packs to keep your baby products cold.

Visit the CATSA website to learn more about how to get through security as smoothly as possible. 

2. Prepay for your parking

If you’re flying with children, we recommend using our parking garage and paying for it ahead of time on our website. The Multi-Level Parking is close to the terminal, so you won’t have to walk very far with all your luggage, your stroller, and your car seat. After parking in the Multi-Level Parking, you can get to the terminal directly using the footbridge on the second floor. 

Save big by prepaying for your parking in the Multi-Level Parking!

3. Find out what travel documents you need

Canadian children need a Canadian passport when travelling outside the country. They may also need a letter of consent and/or a birth certificate, and local authorities may require other documents. Visit the Government of Canada website or contact the local authorities at your destination to make sure that you and your children have the documents you need. 

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4.   Check your family in ahead of time

Check your airline’s website to learn about their accommodations for families during online check-in, seat selection, and boarding. Most airlines will assign generic seats close together for you and your children before check-in. Please make sure to indicate that you’re travelling with children when making your reservation. 

5. Manage your special items

Flying with a stroller and a car seat? Ask your airline about size and weight restrictions. If you want to check them, you usually have to do so in advance, and you’ll need to follow certain rules on packing, exemptions, and additional fees. Strollers can also be checked at the gate and delivered to the door of the aircraft when you disembark. Once you get through security, you can enjoy the services and amenities at YQB!

6. Enjoy the peace and quiet of our family rooms

Salle d'allaitement

YQB has a nursing room after security, near gate 31. It has a microwave and a rocking chair. There is a second private nursing space near gate 34.There are also family bathrooms available. They are roomy and private, with enough space for the whole family. 

7. Burn off some energy in the Turbulence Zone

Zone Turbulence

The airport has a play area, called the Turbulence Zone, that your kids will love. You can find it between gates 29 and 30. It’s the perfect way to entertain your little ones, and keep them happy and giggling until takeoff!  

8. Discover the story of Bonhomme Carnaval with your children

Zone événementielle

You can have fun and learn more about the history of the Québec Winter Carnival by visiting the special exhibit, put together by the famous winter festival itself, in our event area. It’s just after security, between the Brûlerie Rousseau par Nourcy and the Blaxton Pub & Grill, and close to the Turbulence Zone. 

9. Keep your kids’ tummies full

“Moooom, I’m huuungry!” It’s a common refrain when travelling, but one you can stop by visiting one of our restaurants. The Brûlerie Rousseau par Nourcy and the Blaxton Pub & Grill are just past the security checkpoint, near gate 32, and the A&W is near gate 30. 

See their hours here.

10. Watch the planes

The terminal’s large windows are a delight for young and old alike. The great view of the runways and boarding bridges is perfect for spending some time watching the planes take off and land. 

Bon voyage!


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