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7 Essential Travel Documents

14 oct

In addition to a valid passport and your plane ticket, other documents can be very valuable during a trip. We have compiled all the information you will need in this guide. 

1. Passport 

A passport is the only reliable form of identification accepted worldwide. When planning your trip, check that your passport is current and will remain valid for at least six months after your departure date. Make sure you apply for your passport ahead of time.  

Learn more about processing times for a new passport. 

Find a passport service location near you. 

2. Travel insurance  

Purchase travel insurance before heading abroad and bring the insurance documentation with you. Some countries require proof of insurance to enter. 

See the Government of Canada’s recommendations on this topic. 

3. Confirmation of accommodations 

You are encouraged to bring the confirmation for your accommodations with you. You may need it to fill out the customs declaration of the country you are visiting or to communicate with the taxi or bus driver when you leave the airport. It’s also handy to have the printed document with you if there is no internet connection at your destination. 

4. Plane ticket and boarding pass 

Your plane ticket and boarding pass are a critical part of your travel plans. You must have your electronic or printed tickets to check yourself and your luggage in at the airport. Next, you will need your boarding pass at the airport security checkpoint, the duty-free shop if you are travelling abroad, and finally, at the boarding gate. You can download your boarding pass onto your phone if you check in online. It can also be printed at the check-in counter or a self-service check-in kiosk.  

5. Visa 

Look into the entry requirements for your destination country. Some countries require tourist visas to enter. You must also obtain a visa if you are leaving to work abroad. Visa applications take time to process. Make sure you have it before you leave. 

For more information, visit  

6. Proof of vaccination  

Look into the entry and public health requirements for your destination. Some countries require proof of vaccination against certain illnesses. 

7. Driver’s licence  

It’s always a good idea to bring your driver’s licence if you plan to rent a vehicle abroad. However, your Canadian driver’s licence is not valid in every country. In those countries, you will need an International Driving Permit. You can apply for an International Driving Permit (IDP) without having to take a test.  


Helpful tips   

Make copies  

We recommend that you scan or print a copy of all your documents as a back up in case you lose the originals. Better safe than sorry! 

Don’t forget to charge your phone 

Your smartphone will come in handy for scanning your important documents and using your trip-related mobile applications. Every seat in the terminal is equipped with electrical outlets and USB ports. Make sure to fully charge your phone. A portable charger may also be useful to bring on your trip. 

Now you’re ready to travel with peace of mind!  

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