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Frequent Flyer: Arnaud Marchand

24 oct

Foodie Destinations 

Arnaud Marchand
Arnaud Marchand

Despite his busy schedule, Arnaud Marchand, father of three young boys, chef and co-owner of Chez Boulay, and co-founder of the VériTable food processing plant, never stops travelling. He mainly takes to the skies for work, but also to take a break and relax in France, near his family.

Since becoming a father, travelling has taken on a different meaning for this native of Chalmazel, a commune in the centre of France. "I think it’s important that my kids get to know their grandma and grandpa. We spend a month there every year." Having moved to Québec City in 2009, he started off by learning his trade and climbing the ladder for ten years alongside well-known French chefs. Why choose Québec? For love. "My wife is from Québec! It just made sense."

Travelling for Inspiration

When the whole family flies, bringing souvenirs and regional products is out of the question. There's only room for the bare essentials. "With three young children, the suitcases are overflowing as it is!"

But the talented young chef, whose dishes showcase the best Québec has to offer, makes up for it when he travels for business. Then his suitcase is filled with local gourmet products: boreal spices, ice cider vinegar,  cranberry-seed oil, and other delights."

Arnaud loves taking food-centric trips and would like to extend it to family trips, when the kids get older. "I love discovering what every region’s cuisine has to offer and going out to meet the artisans."

Vegetables First

But in the meantime, Arnaud has his plate full in Québec City, and shuttles between his different projects, including the newest member of the family: Les Botanistes. Newly opened, the restaurant was set up right inside the Floralies Jouvence garden centre, which highlights the area’s vegetables as a guiding principle. And it all happens in a vibrant, natural, organic setting where the know-how of three different chefs come together: Arnaud, his partner-in-crime Jean-Luc Boulay and executive chef Pierre Joubaud. "Here, meat is a side dish," he enjoys saying.

Rapid-fire questions

What does he usually do during flights? 
I rest. I can’t work in an airplane. I also try to entertain the kids when they’re with me.

Does he usually travel alone or with other people? 

Window seat or aisle? 
Aisle for the space. Window when I’m travelling with the kids, who want to be able to move around.

What’s his dream destination?
Copenhagen to discover a new food culture.

His most recent foodie trips? 
Italy, France, Germany, Japan.

What he likes about YQB? 
The new terminal and how close it is.


Written by Annie Lafrance and published in Magazine Y No 4

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