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Large-scale emergency exercise at YQB

30 oct

Québec City, October 30, 2019 - Dozens of emergency responders and more than 100 extras gathered at Québec City Jean Lesage International Airport (YQB) today to participate in a large-scale emergency simulation of an active shooter situation in the terminal building. This exercise allowed YQB and its partners to test their emergency procedures and learn from the interaction between the security partners involved in the exercise. As part of its obligations to Transport Canada, YQB has a duty to test its Emergency Measures Plan (EMP) on a regular basis.

The Service de police de la Ville de Québec (SPVQ) deployed a large contingent of police officers. For the SPVQ, this exercise was highly instructive, given the actions needed to implement response plans for a critical incident involving a large number of emergency responders. The police force’s mission is to protect lives; the ability to work coherently with our partners is essential to accomplishing this mission. Working alongside our partners, as well as the police’s operational response during this simulation, undoubtedly allowed the SPVQ to improve its services to the community.

The Service de protection contre l’incendie (SPCIQ) was also in attendance, assisting the SPVQ by quickly dispatching firefighting teams to the site so that their actions could be coordinated with other parties. The firefighters were supporting the SPVQ during this exercise. The SPCIQ’s mission is to protect people and property when they are endangered by fire or other hazards. The pooling of expertise, skills and resources through good preparation increases our collective ability to deal with extraordinary situations.

The CIUSSSCN is responsible for health during a civil security situation in the Capitale-Nationale region. Thanks to this simulation, it was able to validate the efficiency of the communication channels and the effectiveness of methods for all parties. Also, for the first time in Québec City in this type of exercise, the civil security and emergency measures coordination team, in collaboration with the SPVQ police officers, tested the Rescue Task Force (RTF) care, triage and evacuation method. This method allows paramedics to care for victims more quickly thanks to a technique used by police officers to secure the premises in an active emergency area. 

To make the simulation as realistic as possible, members of the Canadian Armed Forces applied makeup to extras to represent injuries of varying severity. This allowed responders to properly test their procedures for triaging and prioritizing injuries.

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