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Please see the following section: Taxis.

Please see the following section: Parking.

Prices are available from travel agents, or you can contact the airlines directly.

Yes, airlines provide wheelchairs for travelers. Please contact your airline before arriving at the terminal, so an attendant can meet you on arrival.

Yes, as long as they are in a transport cage or on a leash. Guide dogs are also permitted.

Go to the terminal information booth near international arrivals. To speak to information booth staff, call 418-640-3300.

Jobs at Aéroport de Québec Inc. are posted on our website in the careers section (French only). To apply, simply follow the instructions in the notice posted.
A number of outside companies also operate in the terminal and at the airport. These organizations hire their own staff. Please contact them directly to find out about their staffing needs.

Yes, the information on our website is the same as that shown on the terminal’s flight information screens. Data is supplied by the airlines directly. Our Passenger Experience team monitors the information to make sure it is accurate and reliable.

Yes the new terminal is set up with a view of the runways. There is an observation area in the unrestricted part of the terminal on the second floor, in the Tim Hortons dining room. In the secure area past the checkpoints, the view is excellent everywhere.

Car rental desks are located on the ground floor of the airport services building, located in the parking lot in front of the terminal. It is connected to the terminal by a walkway.

As there is no common industry standard, we suggest you contact your airline for information on specific restrictions. This information is generally available on the airline’s website.
Airlines also provide size templates near the check-in counters so you can check to see if your bag is the right size. Bags that don’t fit the template are not permitted in the cabin and will have to go in the cargo hold.

By law, smoking is prohibited in public places in Québec. Smoking shelters are available outside the terminal near the parking lot.

For almost all international destinations, you’ll need a passport and possibly a visa in addition to your electronic ticket. For domestic flights, your electronic ticket and a piece of photo identification is required. If in doubt, contact your airline.

A detailed list of permitted and prohibited carry-on items is available on the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority website.

The terminal is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Generally speaking, airline check-in counters open two to four hours before scheduled departure times. For the exact time, contact your airline. Please note that airlines may refuse to board passengers who arrive too late at the airport.

Try one of the following two options:

  1. Enter a keyword in the search engine located in the top right hand corner of the webpage. You will be directed to website sections containing your keyword.
  2. Contact our Passenger Experience. A member of our team will be pleased to help you.